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J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Pause Spotlights Science of Rare Clotting Disorder

Scientists are probing cause of blood clots that affected six recipients of Johnson & Johnson’s viral-vector vaccine

Scientists are racing to gain a better understanding of a rare blood-clotting disorder that affected six recipients of Johnson & Johnson’s JNJ -1.34% Covid-19 vaccine and led health authorities on Tuesday to recommend a pause in its use.

“It is quite a rare disease, and an unusual manifestation of abnormal blood clotting in the body, but it is very serious,” Thomas Oxley, an interventional neurologist and stroke expert at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, said of the clotting disorder.

The six people in the U.S. known to have been affected by the disorder after vaccination are among almost seven million Americans to have received the vaccine.

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